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Intuition is not proof

I’ve been reading Amir D. Aczel’s The Mystery of the Aleph, a popular math book recounting Georg Cantor‘s work on “transfinite” numbers, which are (loosely speaking) numbers which represent various sizes of infinity. Georg Cantor’s story is a fascinating (and somewhat … Continue reading

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How to Solve It

I just finished reading George Pólya’s How to Solve It, a slim volume describing some general principles a student can use to approach math problems. (A teacher can also use these principles to help their students along the problem solving process.) … Continue reading

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Many False Starts

Just in case, in the course of reading solutions on this blog, you get the impression that problem solving is “linear” and problems just unfold by themselves… That’s not how problem solving happens at all! Instead of always hitting on … Continue reading

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