Data on IMO results

Following the recent IMO 2016, I have been meaning to do some analysis on IMO results. Unfortunately I have not had time to do so…

In the meantime, I thought I’d share the data I’ve scraped so far so that others who have the time and interest might have a go at analysing the data. Data is available at my Github repo.

All data was scraped from; the scripts I used to scrape them are in the ETL folder of the same repo. The data generally looks clean except some minor issues for “Contestant” (i.e. names of contestants). For example, my name is written in one order for 2003 and 2005 but in a different way for 2004. I have no idea how widespread this issue is, although a cursory glance at contestants in my country suggest the issue is a minor one.

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One Response to Data on IMO results

  1. Oliver Nash says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    I noticed your repo here after doing something similar myself:

    I know this is shameless self-promotion but I thought there was a reasonable chance you’d be interested!

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