Hints & Solutions

tl;dr- The first post on a particular problem will now consist of just the problem statement. Subsequent posts containing hints and solutions for the problem will appear on the next day.

I received some feedback that it might be a good idea to include hints so that those who are stuck on the problem but don’t want to give up just yet could get a little help. I think it’s a great idea! The difficulty is implementing this in a slick way on WordPress.com.

For the uninitiated, there are actually two versions of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. (Click here for more details.) In a nutshell, WordPress.com allows the blogger to focus on creating material in the blog posts with WordPress taking care of the technical implementation, WordPress.org gives the blogger essentially full control of the blog.

I started this blog on WordPress.com because I wanted to focus on writing high quality posts. The drawback is that I lose a fair amount of flexibility. In particular, WordPress.com does not allow the use of plug-ins and Javascript to minimise security flaws.

To have hints and solutions in a blog post, this would be my ideal set-up:

Statement of the problem
Hint 1
Hint 2

Here, the links (in blue) would “toggle” text much like an FAQ page (see here for an example). Unfortunately it is only possible to do this on WordPress.org and not WordPress.com.

At this point I don’t think I have enough bandwidth to maintain this blog on WordPress.org, so this is the workaround: The first post (still every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, as far as I can) will contain just the problem statement. This will be followed by 2 posts on the next day, one containing just hints, and the other with the solution. It’s not going to look very elegant on the main page and it bloats the number of entries, but hopefully it improves the usefulness of this blog 🙂

Do comment if you have suggestions for how to make the format of the blog more useful!

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